The requirements on modern metallurgy material store
  • direct and quick access to each assortment item - the highest possible usage of the stock space, especially the height and minimizing of needed operating spaces.
  • improving the quality of sorting and recording the semi-product (blank) quality
  • minimizing of needed labour and number of operating personnel
  • complete and transparent records with all quantity, quality and economic data

The pending manipulator is in the transport position above the shelves guided by the guiding structure installed under the crane trolley and after being lowered into the shelve it is guided by guiding bars, which belong to the shelf structure. The pending manipulator has a motor driven telescopic extension forks, which move the material in a pair of troughs to the shelf floor and vice versa. After a convenient modification of troughs it is possible, besides the bar material, to stock also other types of material, which makes the system universal. In case the stored material will be stocked only tied together, the use of troughs in not necessary.
To the delivery of automatic storage systems from company KPK belongs also a complex solution of material handling by inserting it into system and by taking it out of it. (attending cranes, handling carts, traverses ...).
Modern metallurgy material storage

Example of storage systems

Storage system - variant No.3

Storage system with cartridges

Storage system - variant No.2

Storage system - variant No.1

Examples of various storage systems realizations