KPK provides nonstop service for cranes and lifting devices on the phone:

0903 802 659

You can also use our e-mail address:

Also, you can fill in the questionnaire for servicing in PDF. directly on your PC.
After you fill it in and save it, you can email it.

Servicing order


    Information about the lifting equipment

    Place, where the lifting equipment (crane) is situated.

    The customer must provide safe lifting platform from which all parts of lifting equipment (crane) are accessible in safe manner.

    Responsible person of the customer, who will be present during the service and putting the lifting equipment into operation:

    Responsible person of the customer, who will ensure shutdown of lifting equipment for the duration of service:

    Do you require the test load of the lifting equipment?


    Enter the weight in kilograms, if you require the testing load.

    Information about securing the admission into customer's site.