The crane carrying structure consists of the bridge and one beam. According to their carrying capacity and crane span the beam can be made of rolled profiles or of welded box design. The crane trolley with hoist moves along the bridge. The travel wheels are integrated into cross beams of the crane and also of the crane trolley. The crane is provided with equipment, located on the crane and trolley cross beams, preventing the run off the rails in case of broken travel wheels.


The load lifting is ensured by electric hoist (rope or chain hoist). According to the requirements it is possible to deliver the crane with different types of hoists. Different lifting speeds with and without creep speed are available.


The pending controller can be firmly connected to the crane trolley, or it can be on the separate cable gathering trolley enabling the controller cross movement independent on the crane trolley position. In case it is required the crane can be provided with other kinds of control (wireless radio control, from the crane control seat, located in the cab, or in the basket,).


It is possible to agree with the manufacturer the delivery of different modifications.

Examples of single girder overhead cranes versions