Wire rope and chain hoists

KPK delivers various hoist types from different manufacturers according to clients requirements.

Hoists portfolio

Storage System

We offer wide spectrum custom made automatic storage systems and stacker cranes.

Storage systems portfolio

Accessory equipment for hydro power plants

We design, manufacture and supply various technological devices suitable for hydro plants.

Hydro power plants equipment

Crane runways

We deliver crane runways - for all types of cranes.

Crane runways portfolio


KPK provides nonstop service for cranes and lifting devices on the phone

0903 802 659

You can fill in the questionnaire after downloading it in PDF directly on your PC.
After you fill it in and save it, you can email it:

Questionnaire for servicing Send it on zeriavy@kpk.sk

Our references

  • Kovohuty Krompachy
  • Raven a.s.

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