Basic parameters of overhead double girder bridge cranes

Wheel press and parameters are only INFORMATIVE. More detailed information will be sent after specifying the parameters of the crane. Values of parameters of cranes in the tables (span, building heights, ...) are only informative.

Company KPK manufactured cranes according to customer requirements.

Wheelbase of crane "R" can be changed according to the requirements for longitudinal impact and reducing effects on the crane runway and hall.

Wheel loads Fkmax, Fkmin and shock strength of the crane on the buffer Hj are without coefficients. They are intended only from the own weight of the crane and the load for crane with the following parameters:

  • crane is designed for work in the hall
  • crane without foot-platforms
  • hoisting speeds are till cca. 5 m/min, travelling speeds of crane crab are cca. 20 m/min, travelling speed of crane cca. 40 m/min
  • hook path: 6m
  • simple trolleys for hoists
  • crane classification according to STN 270103: H2 D2 J3

Note. Nosnosť = Load capacity

Parameters of cranes with capacity more than 40000 kg are available on request.

Exact weights of hoists appear on the website wire rope hoists or chain hoists.